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Hotel Management Consulting Company.


Company Services:

Human Resources—professional trainings

                 Connection to GDS systems

                                  Real Estate Consulting

                                                   Sales and Marketing support

                                                                    Economical Consulting


Tomas Startl

Managing Director

The company was established in 2005 by Tomas Startl.


Tomas Startl is experienced hotel professional who studied hotel management at the School of Economics, Int. Institute of Tourism and Management ITM in Austria and hotel administration at Washington State University in USA.


He started his career as an Assistant to F+B Manager and Banqueting Manager at the second largest hotel in Prague / Hotel Forum. He was promoted to GMs position at the Hotel Panorama Prague (430 rooms), Director of Sales in Prague Convention Centre, GM at the hotel Imperial Ostrava, GM in Ramada Prague and GM at Design Hotel Perla.


He was coordinator of several hotel openings:

Hotel Ramada, Hotel Ramada Airport, Hotel Archibald City, Hotel Rokoko, Hotel Perla in 2007.


He is active within the professional community like Czech Hotel Association and also American Chamber of Commerce, Business Leaders Forum and other organizations.


His articles are mostly published on regular basis at Hotel Revue magazine and Hotel&Spa Management.


Currently he works as an independent consultant, leads several projects and he is official representative of the German based company — QR Quality Reservations reputable GDS and IDS provider who entered recently Czech market. New real estate and development activities coordinates with company REC—Real Estate Consultants.


Tomas Startl provides trainings and coaching to hotel staff and hotel management. He is having several training schemes. Appart of that he cooperates with external consultants for mystery shopping or executive search.


Tomas Startl was awarded as the Hotelier of the Year 2007.


He can be contacted on

or mobile> 00 420 724 290 280